Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jonathan here posting G-force's very first post. Many might not know us yet, but I believe that will change in the near future.
G-Force comprises of 3 members. Benjamin, Jonathan and Jeremy.

Why G-Force?
G-Force Stands for Gravitational Force. Gravity is a strong force that pulls everything on earth to the center of the earth. We hope that G-Force will be able to attract everyone towards us through our Music, Dance and other aspects of G-Force's repertoire.

G-Force is embarking on a long journey. 3 young aspiring entertainers with the shared vision, passion and desire starts on this journey. We hope that through our Journey, more and more will share our vision, passion and music... Together.
So Walk with us! Talk with us! Encourage us! Cheer us on!
That's me,Jonathan

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