Sunday, January 15, 2006

We're through to the next round of auditions. Its finally begun and the journey is going to be tough but exciting. We've crossed the first hurdle and we're approaching the next one. Thanks to all who came down to lend us your support.

We also made our first 'TV' appearance together. We were on news. Its so cool, but all of us missed it. It was only when friends started to message us that we realized we were on. And we look forward to more 'air time'

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Holidays are over. Time really never waits for anyone. 2 weeks have just flew by us and now, its back to work for all 3 of us.

I have been having a bad throat infection for the past week. No amount of Strepsils and lozangers has helped me. I went to see a doctor this morning and found out that I have a really bad throat infection. Well, I am under a special antibiotic now and have to go back to check the progress tomorrow.

So I am on 2 days MC, Which means an extension of my 'holiday'. But well I really want to recover before Sat. I've just taken my medicine and feel much better already.

This Sat will be an interesting day. It'll be G-force's first public performance. I am looking forward to it and also to having start the whole process of auditions.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Yes we've had a huge make over for our blog! Its still a work in progress so do drop us sugesstions at our tag board.

Some pages to look out for is Jermy's very own Food Recommendation page. Jeremy seems to know where all the good food are located at. Ben and I felt that he would make a good food Host so if you need food tips, Jeremy's food page would be interesting.

Superband is not more than 2 weeks time. How far will G-force progress will depend on how much we have prepared for it the past week and for the next 2 weeks.

No one can be fully prepared for any competiton. We have been preparing daily for G-force's 1st battle, superband competition. There are many different preperations before a battle, but the most important battle is if we are prepared mentally to fight till the end. To fight together for every round.

It'll not be easy, definitely not. But I know all 3 of us will never give up. We will always believe in each other and work hard for every round. That's what G-force is all about.

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