Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We are pleased to announce that our very first fan club is now up and running, and all credit goes to Maybelyn and Team. We hope that you can register and be a member so that you can get the latest update on G-force news and Gatherings.

Do sign up at

G-force is also planning the first Fanclub gathering with interested leaders and other fans who have voiced an interested in setting up other G-force Fan Clubs, to show our appreciation of your support. We look forward to a great time of sharing our vision and plans with you and having a fun time.

We are really blessed to have all your support. Although we are new, we(G-force) never despise a small begining cause everything begins with a humble begining. Thanks for walking with us through this journey. This journey will be anything but boring because of all of your support. Thanks for making it happen for us.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

This article in the Today Newspaper was written by Mr Mervin Tay. We think he did a great job and we would like to thank Him for choosing to feature us.

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This is once again taken by our unsung Hero, Jian Zhong who has been there for us Rain or Shine. Thanks Everyone who came down to support us. To all who came and also to all those who just knew about us on the day, thanks for standing under the hot sun and for all your cheers!

Its all smiles though the heat was unbearable!

Finally its Us! We made it through!

Jon needs more practice on signing his Signature...

Now its Jeremy and Ben's time to work on their Signatures!

Hi Jeremy.. Jeremy with his trademark sunshine smile! Jon and Ben Looks on!

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Here are some of the 1st round photos taken by Jian Zhong at Youth Park. He is our unsung Hero.. Always there to capture the moment for us.

1st round Performance

We've got through the 1st round of auditions..

Jeremy Shys away from the Beautiful Belinda, while Jonathan and Ben Looks on.

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Yesterday was an exciting day for us. It was results day. We met up on Sat night to have a chat with each other. We all did not know what to expect and who to expect. We agreed that no matter what happens, we have already tried our best for every round and so we'll go down to the results show to have a great time and soak in the atmosphere.

Both Jeremy and I were a little late and so when we reached, there were a huge crowd of people there with the super host music blasting from the speakers. We met up with Ben and then proceeded to take our seats in the 'Hot Oven' (waiting place). And thus began the long wait.

It was made much easier by the entertaining show the super host finalists put up. We had a good laugh and we even have our favourites among the 3 of us. One of the finalist was Jeremy's School mate. They all had the gift of the Gab and could really think and speak really fast.

Finally the moment arrived and we could all hear our heart beat faster and faster. One by one, the bands were being unveiled, but our number was not called. My heart began to fail me, I think it skipped a few beats. Well finally a ray of hope. the Numbers 1...3... ___.. 0 appeared on the boards.. 1 more number surely it had to be 8! I held my breath... and when it was revealed, it turned out to be 0 and not 8!

I literally felt my heart break into pieces.. It was the 15th band out of the 18th places.. we had only 3 more chances... then the same thing happened... the numbers 1...3... ___...0 appeared. This time I had no courage to even hope. I just kept breathing. That moment, wlthough lasted only for a few seconds, felt like eternity to me.

When it was finally revealed and our number 1380 was being flashed on the boards, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. We did it! We did it! Was all I could think of.

After the result show, we had the chance to chat with a group of our fans, whom are very warm and friendly. We are also proud to announce that we also have our official fan club in the midst of being set up by 3 of them. I hope that everyone that supports us can be take part in the fan club.

All of us will be actively helping to set it up to and I look forward to exciting times ahead. They have many fantastic ideas and we are excited to work them out step by step. I'll be posting the details up soon so do join and lets all build up this fan club together.

Lastly, we are featured on Today newspaper. I'll be scanning it in later but if you want to read about it, do try to grab a copy.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hi everyone, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai and Nian Nian You Yu! I've been repeating this phrase so many times that it practically rolls of my toungue evrytime I meet someone now.

But it never fails to bring a smile to the person so I don't mind saying it to everyone.

Well we resumed our rehearsals again during the 3rd day of Chinese New YEar. WE went over to Ben's House, where both Jeremy and I got a big Ang Pao from Ben's parents. Thank you auntie for the generous Ang Pao.

We've been getting alot of encouragement and messages from friends during the new year period. Many of them messaged us after they saw the trailers of superband on Channel U. I have yet to catch it yet though.

I don't know how many of you read last weeks 8 days. If you've read it, you might have spotted us in the superband article.

Front Cover of Last week's issue

Can you spot us?

19th Feb is just 2 weeks away? Will we see you there?

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