Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 more days to Big Jam.. Today was the full dress rehearsals of Big Jam and it was a great time. Though the rehearsal stretched for hours, it seemed as though time was just flying past us without us noticing.
What surprised us most was to see the Darlings of Vital Attractions at MediaCorp waiting for us. Besides them, Joanne was there too. Not only were they there to lend us their support, they bought us some presents as well. We were really surprised by their thoughtfulness and effort. THanks so much for everything. We took some photos of us enjoying our presents...

This Herbal Tea drink really Rocks...

Double Treat...We get Ginseng Bird nest too!!

Jeremy CAn't Wait to get a taste of the Ginseng Birdnest!

MMMmmmm... this taste GREAT!

Verdict... Thumbs Up! I want More!!

Ben's Next in Line! He couldn't wait any longer

Drink Up...

Yummy...I wish I can have 2!!

Finally My turn...

YAY... Ginseng Bird Nest Here I come!

Ahhhh... Heavenly... This is worth all the hard work!

All that's Left... are these empty bottles...

As the saying Goes, The way to a Man's Heart is first to satisfy His Tummy! How True indeed..

Besides the Good food and Drink we had, Joanne also bought us some CDs and a Card too.

Big Jam is in 2 Days Time... Its at SunTec, 7 pm at the Fountain of Wealth. Gates open at 7pm. Do try to be as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We hope to see a sea of 'Green' on Sat..

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We have uploaded some photos of us with our hair sponsors and fan club gathering.

G-force, The pretty Lady Boss of Hairdo Salon Mrs Helena Lee Hyun Ju and the ever friendly Mrs Kim

This is where we did our hair!!!

Jonathan with the darlings of Vital Attraction! Love the doggie, with my cool shades!

Slammin T-shirts bought by Vital Attraction for Us! We love it! Newbie T-shirts Rock!

We had so much fun at the 2nd FanClub gathering. We had bbq food, lots of games and even performed live and unplugged, singing some of our favourite english and chinese songs. We'll have more photos uploaded on Vital Attraction yahoo groups so check it out!

See all of you this Sat at Suntec! Big Jam is just 4 days away! Lets get ready to rock Suntec!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its been a long while since we last updated this blog. But thanks for all the encouraging support, messages and tags to keep this blog very much alive.

Its no big secret that all 3 of us love to style our hair very much. And we usually spend a considerable amount of money every month to maintain and keep it in 'Shape'.

But not anymore. Now we have our very own hair sponsors, courtesy of Beauty Parlour Hairdo. This is really one great hair saloon. First of all, almost everyone there is from Korean. The Lady Boss has 15 years of hair cutting expereince and she has brought to Singapore a unique brand of korean styles.

This is their Salon Logo!

We have taken many photos of the process but have yet to upload them. We will unveil the new look at Big Jam so the photos will only be up after Sat.

Thank you Hairdo. We love our new look!

And they offer something which is really interesting . Have you heard of semi permanent makeup. Its the latest beauty trend now in Korea. Its where your face will look as though it has make up on 24 hours a day but its actually not. They have everything from eye brows, to eye lashes to even lipstick. It normally lasts for 3-5 years.

Its really amazing and the results are really unbelievable! we'll find out more info and post it up the next time we go down.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Big Jam this Sat, 7pm at Suntec. It'll be a great time of fun and entertainment.

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