Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some people are born with extraordinary talents, some born with less.

There are many geniuses in this world. I've always read about 13 year old geniuses that hold 1 or even 2 university degrees, before they even qualify to legally drive a car.

I have an interesting story to share with everyone. NASA is well known for not only its high state technology, but also for its amazing abundance of talented and intelligent geniuses working there.

They come up with many innovative inventions so that man can explore outer space. Once there was a problem that astronauts faced. Astronauts found difficulty in writing with a normal pen in space because everything flows upwards in space (Lack of gravity force) .

So the many geniuses in NASA tried to come up with all sorts of ink and pen. But they never could find a solution. Then one day a young boy suggested, why not use a pencil! And that was the solution.

It didn't take a genius to think of that. Anyone could have thought of it, but it was the young boy who looked at the problem and saw the solution.

Is the Young boy more intelligent then all the geniuses in NASA combined? I would not think so. But with his simple idea, he solved the problem the astronauts faced.

As I was saying some are born with more talents than others. But should that mean those with less talents should just admit defeat and be a lesser person for the rest of their lives? The answer is No. I believe that we all live only once, and we should make the best of what we have, even though some might have only little in life.

Instead of complaining about what we are given and how unfair life is, why not start working and trying to be better daily. Yes we might keep failing. Thomas Edison is one very good example. He failed 1000 over times but he never gave up. Thanks to his determination, he invented the light bulb.

Thomas Alva Edison

How about the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright . Many thought they were crazy when they shared their passion to be able to fly. Many thought they were demon possessed. How could a human possibly fly in the air? They tried and tried, and failed and failed. Many thought they were crazy and had to endure countless of insults from people around them.

The Wright Brothers

A model replica of their first aeroplane model

But thanks to them, we now can fly all over the world and in a much shorter amount of time.

So to those who choose to believe in only what they see now, the limitations of the physical world, and choose to mock at people who are trying to pursue their dreams, you are not alone. There have been many before you who tried and failed. Everything on this earth is only temporary. Fame and fortune are determine by the heavens. Everyday, I just try to make a little diiference in a person's life, to inspire and encourage that person to start dreaming of a better future.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life is never a smooth journey , full of ups and downs. The higher they climb the harder they fall...

Some people are blessed to be born into better off families. For others, they have to struggle with survival daily.

I'm blessed to be in a family who is never stingy at giving encouragement and moral supports even when we are not financially rich.

Recalled once when I wanna to be a champ in the cross country, I related this dream to my dad. He asked how bad I want to win the championship, and i was determined to get the trophy back. Not only my dad woke me up early at 5am, and accompanied me for the wee hours trainings. At first, I thought he was overdoing it, and I was only a kid, how can i withstand such training. But after thinking it through, if he have to wake me up at such hour, how early he had to wake up himself. Though he didnt express how he feel, but i can felt his support through actions.

There has been many awful things said on G-Force Blog tag board and other forums recently. Some nasty things have been said. But I begin to question myself too. Why did I fall in love with music? WHy do I write songs?

Was it for fame? for money? No... It was a way for me to get in touch with how I feel and to express all my hidden emotions. I've always used music to express my inner feelings, something I find difficult to express with words and actions.

The songs I write remind of what I've been through in different stages of my life, the different people who came into my life.

Music is never about competing for me. Its about sharing and giving.

I'll start writing and recording songs, and I'll be posting them on the yahoo group. It'll be to share my stories, past present and future. I hope to share the music that makes up my life, my thoughts, etc.

Thanks for all your wonderful emails and smses, phone calls and letters. Let those few who wants to criticise us be. Cause we know that it is impossible for everyone to accept us. Cause as humans , we are imperfect. I'm sure I made many mistakes in life that made many angry with me. But I also know that there are so many more of you who send us messages, emails and shower us with your support and love.

I belief that we should never do what we don't like to others, so lets not judge those who judge us, but let us be tolerant to them and show them patience, kindness and forgiveness. I know its hard, but lets focus on other things instead.

Music is my life and will always be, I don't care how many times I fail cause its not for fame or money that I want to do music. So I will keep writing and recording and sharing music with everyone.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hi everyone, I want to thank all of you for each and every single vote. Yes, although we are not into the next round, we have not given up yet. We have the revival rounds coming up real soon.

We have already started to prepare ourselves. Now we need your support more than ever before. Now is the tough times that will build our bond stronger and closer. Champions are not those who never fail, but those who never give up.

All your tears shed, and heartaches are etched in our hearts. We will go through this next few weeks together. We will be more united than ever before. We will be build up our bonding and understand each other better.

Tough times never last. Tough people do. Lets come together and huddle together. Lets gather our strength and work towards the revival rounds. We will make it happen... Together!

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Today was a fun day for all 3 of us. Lately, We have been so busy preparing for the Superband competition that we hardly had time to chill and relax. So this FanClub Movie gathering was very much what all 3 of us needed. A break from our daily rehearsals and to let our hair down.

We also got to know our new darlings of Vital Attraction. And of course we had lots of fun and laughter with everyone who were there.

I even got 'scolded' for coming cause I was having a fever. Thanks for your concern 'darlings', but how could I possibly miss such a fun gathering. We also won't be able to have much time in the coming weeks so I really wanted to attend the movie gathering. I promise to take medicine and rest more :p

We watched Ice Age 2. It was really funny and I laughed through out the entire show. After the movie, we went to Macs to sit and chat.

Time really flies and in a few days time, Superband will be starting to air on TV. The competition will be in full swing. Before the competition really starts to take up all our time, we would like to have one last gathering where we could all get together and have a great time. So we are organizing a one day Chalet on This Sunday, April 9. Due to Space constraints, please confirm your place by emailing maybelyn as we can only expect 40 people that day.

We're already looking forward to having a great time on Sunday! So do email Maybelyn asap so that we can prepare the Food and drinks for everyone.

Golden Moments to remember... Big Jam 2006

Love the hair.. Thanks Hairdo!

All smiles at the End... dedicated to all of you who made it happen for us that night!

The Prince Charming of many!

Jeremy singing his heart out that night!

Big Jam 2006... A night we'll never forget... Thanks everyone who were there to support us!

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