Sunday, June 18, 2006

Have you heard the story of the prodigal son.
There was this young man, who was proud and arrogant and never liked to work for anything. He had a rich father.. Who pampered him. The father loved his sons and would do anything for them. Well this young man one day went up to his dad, and asked him for his inheritance. Well did he deserve it? certainly not. Asking for your part of the inheritance before his father's death, was in other words, telling your father that he's Dead to you.
Well, the father was greatly grieved by this, but being the ever loving dad, gave him his part of the inheritance. Off this young man went, as soon as he got his share. He soon spent all his money on temporary pleasures and found himself broke. All his friends left him and he was left with nothing.
He was so poor that he had to eat food meant for the pigs. He regretted what he had done. He decided to go back to his father's house and ask him to take him as a servant.
When his father saw him, his father ran to him and hugged him. He then instructed the servants to cook a feast to celebrate his son's return!
This story reminds me of a father's Great Love... And Since this is Father's Day.. Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers!

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